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Commercial Solar



Solarsurge are experts in delivering Commercial Solar Power Solutions. Using Solar Energy on the roof of your business or commercial building, as an alternative power source is a great way to save money on energy costs and show that your business is doing your bit for the environment.

If your business or commercial building uses a large amount of electricity, or if energy costs are a significant portion of your business expenditure, then increasing energy costs can directly affect your bottom line. By engaging Solarsurge to assess your energy requirements, your suitability for solar power and eventually installing the appropriate Solar System, we can help your business hedge against increasing energy costs, and allow you to enjoy cheap electricity for years to come!

“Going Green” not only provides a number of financial incentives to your business, but it can also be great for public relations and many companies have used this as a unique selling point and as a marketing tool, by promoting the fact in your advertising and marketing materials. A growing number of consumers are now making buying decisions based on the environmental responsibility of the business they are buying from. By using Solar Energy, you are demonstrating your consideration for the environment and your community. As a society we are coming to appreciate the value of sustainability and the use of renewable energy, so your customers will recognise the efforts your business is making to make the world a better place.

There are other benefits of commercial solar power, your business will be applicable for a feed in tariff, your business will be paid a premium rate which is over and above the current market rate for the electricity your solar system produces. Each state currently has their own feed in tariff programs and rates vary from state to state, and programs are changing constantly, but your Solarsurge representative will be able to help you with structuring the right system and also gaining access to the best rebates and tariff constructs.

Solarsurge can help you to develop a business case and plan, to help you lower your energy expenses by utilizing solar energy. We will prepare a thorough breakdown of your buildings energy usage by reviewing your energy bill, and also help you put together a Return on Investment calculation, and also assist you with better understanding financial projections and benefits of going solar, we can then provide you with a quotation based on the options you have selected for your commercial solar energy system.