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Who are Solarsurge?

Solarsurge Pty Ltd is a fully Australian owned company, we specialise in residential solar, commercial solar, stand alone solar and solar hot water systems. Solarsurge also provide energy assessments and audits all across New South Wales.

We pride ourselves on only using European designed or manufactured products, to ensure our customers will receive the most reliable and efficient Solar systems on the market. There has been a recent shift towards Micro-Inverter technology in both America and Europe with over 40% of all new installations taking advantage of this far superior technology, as such we specialise in and only use Micro-Inverters with all of our PV Solar Installations, to provide the most efficient systems in the market place, so that you maximise your returns for the lifetime of the system. Micro inverters also provide the longest warranties in the industry, with SolarSurge you can ensure that you get the best system at an affordable price.

All of the installers used by Solarsurge are fully licenced and accredited by the Clean Energy Council, ensuring that your installation is performed to the best possible standards by people you can trust.

Power bills across the country have risen sharply over the last 5-10 years, it is safe to say that they will continue to rise, we are here to help our customers achieve their dream of keeping bills to a minimum whilst still living in comfort. With Solarsurge having already helped thousands of customers achieve their dream of sustainable living, you can rest assured that something can be done. To have someone visit you and tailor a solution that matches your lifestyle needs, please call us or register your details to arrange an appointment.

What products do Solarsurge sell?

Solarsurge supply a range of Solar Panels using only the best European and American standard components and designs, manufactured to the highest quality standards that can withstand Australia’s harsh conditions. Our panels are also very reliable, durable and also perform well in low light conditions, providing much higher yields compared to cheaper panels, ensuring that you get the most out of your investment. Considering the quality of our products, we also offer great value for money… Read More


Solarsurge supply only the best in micro-inverter technology with our Solar systems. Micro-inverters provide the ability to link all solar modules individually, compared to string inverters which are old technology. Micro inverters have a number of advantages when compared to string inverters, firstly they provide the ability control the output of panels individually and offer Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) for each module, MPPT is a technique that grid connected inverters use to get the maximum possible power from one or more solar panels, and reduce the losses in efficiency when conditions are less than ideal… Read More

What is Standalone Solar?

A stand-alone power system (SAPS or SPS), also known as remote area power supply (RAPS), is an off-the-grid electricity system for locations that are not fitted with an electricity distribution system. Typical SAPS include one or more methods of electricity generation, energy storage, and regulation.
Electricity is typically generated by one or more of the following methods:
Solar panel
Wind turbine
Geothermal source
Micro combined heat and power
Micro hydro
Diesel or biofuel generator
Storage is typically implemented as a battery bank, but other solutions exist including fuel cells. Power drawn directly from the battery will be direct current extra low voltage (DC ELV), and this is used especially for lighting as well as for DC appliances. An inverter is used to generate AC low voltage, which more typical appliances can be used with.
A typical stand-alone photovoltaic power system at a sewage treatment plant in Santuari de Lluc, Spain
Stand-alone photovoltaic power systems are independent of the utility grid and may use solar panels only or may be used in conjunction with a diesel generator or a wind turbine.