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Solarsurge supply only the best in micro-inverter technology with our Solar systems. Micro-inverters provide the ability to link all solar modules individually, compared to string inverters which are old technology. Micro inverters have a number of advantages when compared to string  inverters, firstly they provide the ability control the output of panels individually and offer Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) for each module, MPPT is a technique that grid connected inverters use to get the maximum possible power from one or more solar panels, and reduce the losses in efficiency when conditions are less than ideal.

Features Include:
• Two Sizes 250 Watt & 300 Watts
• ‘Electrolyte-free’ power converter designed to improve the reliability of the inverter
• IP65 enclosure for unrestricted use outdoors under a range of environmental conditions
• Increased energy output due to MPPT
• Enhanced MPPT control with reduced DC input current ripple
• HF isolation to fits any application that requires the positive grounding of DC input terminals
• 96.5% maximum efficiency
• Ease of installation by the implementation of a package inclusive of proprietary wireless communication hub

Reduced susceptibility to fault is another big feature, in case of a component failure only the energy produced from one solar module will be lost, ensuring that minimal disruption to the entire system is caused. If  your series string inverter develops a fault, your entire solar array stops producing power until the fault is diagnosed and the problem is fixed. If a Micro Inverter system develops a fault, the remaining Micro Inverters can continue to operate independently, so your system as a whole is more reliable. Micro Inverter technology also has the ability to monitor the output and performance of each solar panel individually, with conventional series string inverters only able to monitor the combined output of the entire system, therefore it allows for better fault finding and the ability to determine exactly which panel has experienced a fault.

With traditional solar systems utilising string inverters, the system creates High Voltage Direct Current (DC), which is not only dangerous to work with, but comes with the risk of high temperature arcing and if there is a fault the risk of fire, because Micro Inverters convert directly to 240V AC, the voltages are significantly less and the potential for such catastrophic failure greatly reduced. High Voltage DC also requires expensive High Voltage switchgear, by using AC, the protective equipment is cheaper and easier to source.