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Residential Solar


Solarsurge have years of experience in designing solar energy systems, installation, system monitoring and maintenance. Our team can help you analyse your existing electricity bill, determine how much of your energy usage you would like to offset and then design a Solar System that ticks all the boxes.

Australia is a country of extremes, during the peak summer months temperatures can consistently hit 30-40 degrees Celsius, during the winter months depending on where you live temperatures can plummet to below freezing, with electricity prices continuing to rise, the costs of cooling and heating your home continues to increase accordingly, it will get to a point where the cost will be too much.

Going solar is a simple and seamless switch to cheaper, cleaner electricity, and you will be doing your bit for the environment by producing clean renewable solar power.

With approximately $7,500 in government rebates available for new solar installations, it has never been easier to go solar, furthermore, when the peak amount of the sun’s rays are beaming down on your solar panels, depending on the size of your system and your base energy consumption, you have the ability to feed energy back to the grid and start winding back your meter.

Because solar panels and inverters contain no moving parts, they require little to no maintenance, therefore, Solarsurge is able to provide a warranty period of up to 25 Years, meaning that you will be able to produce your own clean electricity for at least that long.

Not only do solar panels significantly reduce or in some cases completely eliminate monthly energy bills, they also add to the real estate value of your home. At Solarsurge we are strong believers in the future of clean, renewable and sustainable sources of energy and strive to provide our customers with high-quality solar systems and matching service and support. Call us today to find out more!