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Solar Hot Water Heating


Did you know that up to 25% of the average household energy bill is attributed to Hot Water usage? You might not realize, that daily activities like showers, laundry and dishes, not only use water but a large amount of electricity. Using the sun’s energy to heat water, is a very efficient use of solar energy and solar hot water systems are a perfect complement to a Solar Panel System. Conventional water heaters waste significant amounts of energy, as the water in the tank is heated and stored, the water then cools and needs to be reheated, this process is repeated day and night, whether you need the hot water or not, which is extremely wasteful. As a renewable energy source, solar energy is one of the cleanest, most cost-effective solutions to heating water for your home or business...

Solar Hot Water systems are composed of solar thermal collectors, which are mounted on your roof, a fluid system with a pump to move the heat from the solar collector to a reservoir or water tank for hot water storage. Solar Surge only supply the highest quality European designed and built products, so you can rest assured that your system has been built to last, whilst also being very affordable. On average, a solar hot water heater will reduce your water heating bills by anywhere between 50% – 80%, depending on your usage patterns. Because the rays of the sun are free and don’t vary in price, unlike electricity, you will be protected against future price rises of electricity and gas..

With a warranty period of 25 years, the energy and cost savings  generated by owning your own solar hot water system, are going to keep  on providing for many years to come, furthermore, having Solar Hot Water or Solar Panels on your roof, increases the value of your property, so it is a gift that keeps on giving. The team at Solar Surge are experts in delivering Solar Hot Water systems  and are well placed to help you with your goals to cut costs and do your  part for the planet.