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Standalone Solar



Stand Alone Solar or Off Grid Solar systems are a necessity for people who live and work in regional or rural areas, in some remote areas the cost of connecting the electricity grid to your home or business is too expensive, or can not be justified by the utilities. For some, you may already be connected to the grid, but the power supply is weak and intermittently drops out and access to uninterrupted power is critical for supplying power to basic services, communications, your business or livestock.

Stand Alone Solar systems comprise of a number of key elements, High-Efficiency Solar Panels, designed to absorb the most amount of power with minimal losses; a Charge Controller, designed to avoid overcharging your battery banks, overcharging batteries will destroy them, the charge controller will monitor the level of charge and stop charging the batteries when they are full; Inverter to convert DC to AC power, depending on the type of system you purchase, the inverter could be a Micro Inverter or a string inverter; and most importantly your battery bank, this is a critical element of any off grid solar system, as the batteries will provide you with electricity when the sun is not shining, either at night or on cloudy days.

The fact that Solarsurge use only the highest quality solar panels and equipment, is of utmost important in regional areas, as you need a system that is built to last and doesn’t require much or any maintenance at all. Solarsurge can specify the right sized system to suit your needs, make recommendations regarding how many batteries you need and installation of the system, ensuring that the positioning of the panels is such that as much of the sun’s energy is captured. Backed up by a 25 year warranty on our panels, Solarsurge is your supplier of choice for all your Stand Alone Solar requirements.